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Laid Bare with Anonymous X

Jul 23, 2020

Bernard Beckett, award-winning author, playwright & teacher, is intuitive and smart, looking at life and the stories that form us.  What are kids learning about sex from the stories our culture and porn has told them?  Sex should be pleasurable, fun and mutually desired, but that is not the story we teach teens. ...

Jul 16, 2020

Clare tells an all too familiar story of the cultural compliance of girls and how it can lead to not standing up for themselves even in the face of sexual assault.  This is a story parents and girls MUST hear!

Jul 8, 2020

Stephanie sits with Jo Robertson to talk about the results of a extensive study on porn content today, how porn sites function and how they advertise to children. Monthly, Jo spends time on all of the social media platforms and porn sites to understand how the content is evolving.  She reveals what she believes is...

Jul 2, 2020

Dave tells his story about the devastating fallout of early exposure to and heavy use of on-line pornography.  Porn decimated his sexual performance, his self-confidence, his feelings about his body and how it ultimately lead to the destruction of the relationships he wanted most.