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Laid Bare with Anonymous X

Oct 21, 2020

"Morgan" is articulate and bright.  Now in her 20's she reflects back on her early sexual experiences and how pornography shaped her opinion of herself and her earliest sexual encounters.  Additionally, she talks about how sex work is becoming more and more common.  Does she think pornography is healthy?

Oct 17, 2020

Essential information to understand how porn impacts viewers.  Sixty percent of porn users report escalating porn tastes into genres that are extreme or deviant.  Why do experts say this isn't happening?  Five perspectives on how porn changes your sexual tastes.  You decide!

Oct 1, 2020

Tom Gagliano is a respected expert and best selling author on Family Dynamics.  He has appeared on The Jenny McCarthy and Dr. Oz Shows.  Tom talks with me about how our earliest childhood relationships impact how much we like ourselves and how we parents, need to wake up!  Your kid is watching and learning.  Tom...